In the current age of globalization and technology, Muslims are overloaded with information from many sources. Sometimes, it can be difficult to verify if the sources and information are legitimate. These difficulties lead to many people failing to seek any Islamic knowledge at all and results in spiritual darkness.

Najam Institute seeks to reach out to each individual Muslim and provide them with the opportunity to gain authentic Islamic knowledge and implement it in their lives.


The purpose of Najam Institute is to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT), through educating and developing programs designed for the Ummah at all levels, in order for a Muslim live their lives for the sake of Allah (SWT). Furthermore, “Najam” in Arabic means “star”. In several ahadith, the Prophet ﷺ likened the Sahabah (Companions) to stars:

On the authority of Ibn Abbas, the Prophet ﷺ said: “My companions are like the stars; whomever among them you follow, you will be guided.”